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I was assigned the task of redesigning the website of the yacth management company based in the most famous Italian island.




Capri on Board

Live Project


The best way to rent a yacht in Italy

Capri on Board is a Yacht Management Company based in Capri, specializing in yachting, sea transportation, and logistics. They are specialized in Tailor-made services for Yacht charter, luxury yachts, daily excursions & mini-cruises.

The Research

after a research work on the main metrics of the site, I reformulated the entire navigation focusing on some essential parameters such as the age of the visitors and the interests of the latter.

A revised identity

The identity of capri on board has been revised as a whole by revolutionizing the colors and typography but leaving the historic logo intact

Overview of the new carousel slider with a custom background

The private transfer, the main goal was to express the luxury and exclusive service

Overview of the main website pages: homepage and cruises

Extra attention to the details

The site empowers visitors to request easily information

Our main focus was to allow the user to request information in a clear and easy way but above all in a very short time. For this reason my focus was on the different forms.

Worked on the mobile app without affecting the appearance


The focus on search results has allowed to have excellent results in the last year on the SEO side and new visits as well as new requests from the different contact forms.


new keywords positioned


new visits to the website


Organic Search now is the top driver of traffic.