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chemical company based in Milan
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I collaborated with cdweb for the remaking of one of the most important chemical company in Milan





Live Project


A new challenge in the B2B cosmetics sector

The main challenge from a design point of view was to imagine a new site without losing the historical character that distinguishes a company like Esperis, especially in a B2B environment

Careful Redesign

The goal of the redesign is to convey to the user the safety and professionalism that have distinguished the Esperis company for almost a hundred years.

the moodboard of esperis is represented on one side by chemistry and on the other by the company's history

the use of icons allows you to graphically represent some abstract concepts

Although the logo has remained unchanged, we have made some small changes to make it visible even on dark backgrounds

Extra attention to the details

Outperform the competition abroad

The main challenge of the project was to overcome the competition in Italy but above all abroad, while increasing the brand awareness of Esperis, based on quality products and respect for the environment.

A call to action with the concept of nature through the use of colors and images

A new product catalog

The product catalog has been redesigned from scratch to allow the user a clear and easy use of it by creating a reserved area for the which allows to download additional content

Not only UX but also visual aspects

The restyling of the website was not only focused on the ux but also on the layout which has become more orderly and recognizable with particular attention to detail

The new site is responsive and accessible from all mobile devices including tablets

An overview of the homepage layout, now neat and easily recognizable by clients


the design work combined with the excellent work of the marketing agency has allowed the achievement of excellent results by fully hitting the company’s goals.


of contacts from Italy and abroad


of organic traffic from abroad


Organic Search now is the top driver of traffic.