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Maria Saggese

Light Painting Photography
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Building Maria Saggese's site was a great challenge to best represent her art and photos. The website wins also a Special Kudos from CSSDA




Maria Saggese

Live Project


A dark site to bring out the light

Designing a completely dark website allowed me to highlight the images of Maria who, through to the light painting technique, used the light to bring out the subjects of her photos.

A new sitemap and new contents

The first step was the creation of a sitemap in order to better organize all the activities from courses to special events etc.

Careful Rebranding

The brand focuses precisely on the trails of light and even the primary blue was sampled by a light effect created with a LED while taking its photos. The logotype was instead recreated on two different styles repeated throughout the site.

An overview of the logo on dark blue background, one of the main color of the website

Emotional images and warm colors were used to communicate moods to the user

The moodboard highlights the two keywords: travel and luxury

A complete new website

The main feature of the website is its immediacy in the use of the photographer's works by focusing on the minimal aspect in terms of structure and layout but at the same time enhancing the photos

An overview of the social media section with a collage from instagram profile

I designed the events section as sliders with a fixed impact title

I designed the events section as sliders with a fixed impact title

An international site for an international audience

The whole experience was designed to be enjoyed in both Italian and English and this was a design element from the very beginning.

Particular attention has also been given to the mobile version which has been treated in every detail


In 2020 the site won the "Special Kudos" award from the well-known CSS Design Awards site. It was also named Best Site of Fall 2020 by CSS Fox Platform.