UX/UI & Product Designer

Ordine Avvocati Roma

Official website for the Bar Association of Rome
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Improve the user experience within the platform by facing a complete reworking of the website itself through a complete redesign of the UI.





Live Project


A new portal to better find information

The platform presented a number of obvious problems related to an outdated structure that made it difficult to navigate the website.

Information Architecture

The first step was to reformulate all the information present in the portal, understanding what could be the different hierarchies of information.

UX and UI Solutions

A number of usability solutions have been adopted to make it easier to navigate the platform and retrieve the information. The text was too small and not suitable for new devices

In order to offer a view of the hierarchies of information, it was decided to place a submenu within each page with its subpages.

One of the solutions for the numerous menu items was to create a mega drop-down menu organized in alphabetical order.

As for the events, it was decided to create special cards and differentiate them by color according to the category of the event.

A different way to find information

a portal for lawyers designed for lawyers

the portal was designed with a very specific personas and this allowed me to design a site tailored to the end user in this case the lawyer of the bar association.

The rooms are shown alternately showing the strengths for each