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The aim of this project is to improve the experience of visiting archaeological sites. The solution proposed an app that use gamification to stimulate users to “learn by playing”.




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Discover the past by playing like a game

The personas are real identikit of ideal users that represent the needs, the behaviors and the dissatisfactions. They are a representation of the characterizing traits of each user and of those that unite them.

The Research

The research of this work has focused on the archaeological parks, for their characteristic of being very large areas, giving the visitor a great freedom of movement. The result highlights the target audience and the main problems of archaeological sites.

The Concept

The concept was developed on a series of steps in an ideal scenario and focused on user needs. The concept concern also for the actions taken after the visit.

Information Architecture

A good AI helps to understand the contex and helps the user to find the right information in the right place.

User Personas

Based on the resarch I defined the personas, a real identikit of ideal users that represent the needs, the behaviors and the dissatisfactions.

A new brand

The visual idedentity of Sherd is characterized by the presence of geometric elements such as the thombus that comes closest to the shape of the fragment used to understand the historical period called sherd in the archeological glossary.

The geometric construction of the icons is also used for the differnet cities using the same grid

The illustrations are intended to bring the visitors to what was the archeological site reconstructing the historical events

The geometrical shapes are also used like pattern with the main different colors of the app

User Interface

Final Design regards the different pages from the welcome screen to the homepage and quests. Single quest page are designed with a map to show the correct place to complete the quest. The colors of the user interface design change based on the city selected.

Play in place or easily from home

User can play the game in the archeological park or comfortably from home with specifc quest like timed quiz or puzzle games. The home quest give you a bonus to spend when you are able to visit the archelogical park.

An overview of different badges that you can collect in many history fields

You can buy Sherds to convert it in energy points in order to unlock all the quests

Custom icons created with the same geometrical grid used for the logo and city icons


In April 2019 Sandu Publishing decided to publish my project on the book “100 graphic solutions: Interactive design for screen”. This volume features extraordinary website and app design projects that showcase the functionality and accessibility of great digital user interfaces.