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Top Travel France

Destination Management Company
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I was assigned the task of designing the destination management company website for luxury travel planning in France




Top Travel Italy

Live Project


A warm and elegant design based on emotions

The top travel france design has its roots in a minimal and elegant design capable of expressing the concept of luxury and elegance in accordance with the company's mission

A tiny detailed rebrand

I slightly redefined some aspects of the logo using a graceful font to symbolize elegance. I also rearranged the logo on two lines to take advantage of the space in height and insert the different destinations

An overview of the logo on dark blue background, one of the main color of the website

Emotional images and warm colors were used to communicate moods to the user

The moodboard highlights the two keywords: travel and luxury

User Interface

The graphic interface is the synthesis of the concepts expressed first of luxury and elegance by combining warm but at the same time elegant colors, A classic but impactful typography

An overview of the social media section with a collage from instagram profile

I designed the events section as sliders with a fixed impact title

The site empowers users to discover a new way to travel

top travel's goal is to create the best possible experience offering a quality service combined with the insider's approach of a local Team

Particular attention has also been given to the mobile version which has been treated in every detail